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Ok so the big news for the SAG and AFTRA Unions have merged today out on the west coast. Great..but what does that really mean for NonUnion background actors…really.,.Not much!  Strongly I believe that the Unions make it tough for folks like us to make any more money then someone who would work at a fast food restaurant or sweeping the floors of a local hardware store. Its unfair that the fees are so high,the normal Joe could not afford the member fees. Union background over Non Union background,who gets less screen time if chosen to be in a scene. Maybe Us Non Union Background should step up and say enough is enough,lower the fees,or We start Our own Union! Why not? Why is it so costly to Join this Union? Why do they SAG/AFTRA make it so hard to join,maybe to keep the little guy out of the mix? How much more talent does one have to have to stand in one spot for a number of hours,or to pick up a cup of coffee and move to the left or the right of the Principal Actor during a scene? Why is he paid more then me,when I am doing the same thing. Oh yeah,Its because He or She is a Screen Actors Guild card paying member! Not sure if anyone has noticed,but He or She takes a crap just like I do. To me it’s an insult and very unfair that those who do the same work, I have done about 7 movies so far,cannot join..Why because it cost to damn much and I loose out on the pay or some other background actor does. I am strongly behind any Non Union Background Actor from Maine to Florida and from the East Coast to the West Coast who looses out on the chance to Join because of the high fees that are asked for when someone like Us wants to Join. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Non Union Background Actors went on strike to demand more money for their work? Actually when it comes down to the brass tacks of things..No one would even care, Or will they take notice? This is my proposal folks. Make it more affordable to those Non Union actors and background actors starting out or who have done a number of films, like do it in steps. 250.00 to join and then maybe a monthly fee of 25.00  not the thousands that are asked for,its too difficult for one to come up with and its not right. Not in this economy. And once you get the card after all the BS, Will it get you more work then the other guy..maybe not,but at least you won’t feel like a looser and settle for the less then minimum wage or below the poverty rate pay scale. When it boils down to the real stuff folks,We have talent just like the Union folks and We need to stand up for what is right. More pay no matter what!

Post Edit here for a sec folks…. The fees to join have increased to 3,000 which is just insane!  Honestly when you think of it..If your a non union background could not even earn the amount mentioned to join…Really?? That is Hollywood for ya!  I just want to say to the SAG/AFTRA board…your crazy! and Thanks for watching out for the little guy!  Here is a link that tells You why this is not correct or unfair to those who want to join SAG/AFTRA