Hollywood is back in Marblehead Mass for Adam Sandler’s GrownUps2

Well Well Hollywood returned to the Northshore with Adam Sandler’s sequel ‘GrownUps2 ‘ in Marblehead Mass. A mansion was made to look as though you were actually in Callifornia with palm trees and all for GrownUps in the first one in 2009..very clever by set designers. Its Great to see and know that Hollywood is highlighting the North Shore town once again. Here is a link from the Salem News of the story about the return of Adam Sandler’s Movie. http://www.salemnews.com/local/x101437673/Hollywood-back-in-Marblehead  . The Open Casting Call will be held April 12th and 13th at the Teachers Hall in Boston near the Expo.  The open casting call info is here at this link https://nehollywood.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/grownups2-casting-flyer/ 

Best of Luck to All who attend the Casting Call this month! Couple tips here…I should know.. Bring a working pen,bring a snap shot of yourself..no bigger then a 4×5, You do not need to bring your portfolio with you..honestly..Casting directors do not have time to view your portfolio with thousands of people lined up to hopefully get casted for GrownUps2. Wear comfortable shoes,where you may be standing for some time in line to be seen. Put your cell phone on vibe mode,as you will want to hear directions by production assistants who will mostly echo out instructions on how things will go for the casting call. You will most likely be given a sheet of paper with questions such as can you dance,can you do special talents,where do you live,how tall are you,what color eyes do you have,have you ever acted before,(this is why they ask you to bring a pen to the casting call) There will be two calls,one on the 12th and the 13th,do your best to get there during the times mentioned in the flyer. Don’t skip off to the girls room or bathroom and be grooming your hair or makeup during the casting session,or you will miss out of being selected. Have fun and smile!

SAG-AFTRA: 3 Big Challenges for the Merged Union

SAG-AFTRA: 3 Big Challenges for the Merged Union.

Quick note here- I am not at all pleased how this is happening..To me the fees are to costly for non union folks who struggle in coming up with the greens to join the Boston union..I was told that it is 1500 to join the Boston SAG/AFTRA union..Really..how about an introduction rate or small payments that are manageable to the average Joe. Or maybe the daily rate for Non Union background should be increased to 200.00 for 12 hours of work or more for overtime..Sometimes its just not worth it to stand there for 12 hours for less then minimum wage. Movies need background actors,why make it so difficult for Us by paying us such a low pay scale. Has there ever been an increase in pay for NonUnion background actors..I don’t think so! Bottom line here folks..The Boston SAG/AFTRA Union needs to lower the fees to make it more affordable in these troubled economy of Ours. One hand washes the other ya know!

Mass. gal is the Lucky One


Mass. gal is the Lucky One.

Congrats to Taylor Schilling for landing this great role!! A big NEHollywood Wooo hooo!

Hey to all of You NeHollywood followers…I am in the need of Boston Celeb news,updates on Movies being shot in Mass and elsewhere in NEHollywood…You can follow me @nehollywood as well. Hope all of you are well!