Tracked Down: Kim Jacobs, Dane Cook, Krista Ference and more…

Tracked Down: Kim Jacobs, Dane Cook, Krista Ference and more….

Some great films that were made here in the great State of Maine…interesting!

I did a search tonight for what films were made here in the Great State of Maine..I was amazed at how many big films that were made here in Maine. Just going down a few of the big films, such as Forest Gump shot at Arcadia National Park,Bar Harbor,There was Shutter Island,The Living Wake,The Hit,Vacationland, Message in a Bottle,Creepshow2, I am including the link for this great list below, So You could go down the list and see how many great films that were made here in the Pine Tree State…So its just not Boston that has that great look,but Maine as well. It would be even greater if We could pull the big production companies back here to Maine to push out some more great films for viewing pleasure. I am a big fan of Stephen King,who has put out some awesome scary films for the brave and not so brave to view. Living here in the Kennebec Valley Region has some great locations,like along the Kennebec River,Hallowell,Downtown Augusta,the Memorial Bridge in Augusta,a long two lane bridge that spans over the Kennebec River,the Sand Hill area of Augusta and of course Captiol Park with the State Capitol in the background that could work for a political inspired film. Then you have the miles and miles of country side farms and rustic little towns like Palermo Maine,very photogenic and great backdrops for romantic set movies. I am avail for scouting or to show any director or location scouts where these locations are,shoot me an email!

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