Consequences of our Choices DownBeach Film Festival Winner Best Writer and Directed by David Rutter

I wanted to pass this along to my NEHollywood Blog followers…Its great to see great independent movies being made here in Mass…Ricky Gervais brought Lowell to the silver screen with the Truth About Lying…Well..Its David Rutter’s time to shine to set his cameras on Lowell with Consequences of our Choices. I look forward to seeing his work on the big screen!


Consequences of our Choices is an up coming drama written and directed by David Rutter (2011 DownBeach Film Festival Winner Best Writer-Short Film) which follows the life of twenty three year old Matt Hogan who is the type of guy that fathers wish would marry their daughter. He’s selfless and would do anything to help anyone regardless of the rewards. After a tragic accident takes his longtime girlfriend Natalie Price away from him, Matt falls into a deep depression, filled with alcohol and drug abuse. However this all changes when Ashley Summers, a mysterious woman with a dark past inserts herself into Matt’s life. They both never expect what happens next.
Consequences of our Choices stars:
Michael Shea – Matt Hogan
Kayla Richards – Ashley Summers
Kyle Rezzarday – Ben Spencer
Patrick Cliffe – Ric Gabriel
Stacie L. Seidl – Amy Gabriel
A.J. Lucas – Craig Delaney
Kriss Krymzon – Jimmt
David Rutter – David Rutter
Sean Carritte – Chris Lewis
Director of Cinematography David Riley Jr. (2008 Bronze Telly Winner)
Consequences if a film that has been in Pre-Production since October 2006. It will begin shooting on May 18th, 2012 and wrap up on July 15th, 2012. Filming takes place entirely out of Lynn, Ma with a current budget of $1700. Lynn Community Access + Media is assisting in this production by allowing the use of their equipment and facilities. The goal of this film is to take it all the way to the top film festivals in the world and get the best possible exposure for the actors involved so they can have doors opened for them to go on and launch their respective careers.
More info about this film and some of the actors can be found at:

Celebs’ Fenway memories


Celebs’ Fenway memories. A share from the Boston Herald’s Inside Track

My Thoughts on this…The only time I visited Fenway Park took place when I was casted as one of the many many Red Sox Fans for Fever Pitch! Hell knows I can’t or couldn’t afford a Red Sox ticket for my wife and I now and then.

I would love to get into the mind of Stephen King…He is soo cool with his ghoulish ideas and love every horror film he has put to the big screen! Maybe he could do one called Deadly Curve Ball…. When the Red Sox end the Yankees vendetta against the Red Sox!  Can’t wait to watch Opening Day! And a Happy 100th Birthday to Fenway Park next week!