Short Film by Henry P.Der Vorere Platz(The Forward Place) Shooting takes place June 9th

I would like to pass this along to all of my American and French NeHollywood blog followers out there for  Henry P. Gravelle of Boston,Mass.. It is a foreign language film with English subtitles. Filming begins on June 9th with just two principles and two extras.

NEHollywood Loves this and Kudos to Henry P.Gravelle for bringing a little of the foreign film flavor industry to Boston!

Der Vordere Platz (The Forward Place) is a German language film with English subtitles. The story depicts the closeness of those thrust into the brutality of war and the emotional struggle to accept, or not, their final moments of life.

It’s March, 1943 – A crippled German submarine rest deep under the surface after a damaging depth charge attack. Now, with air supply depleting, the crew has dwindled to two remaining crewmen. To keep their composure and sanity both share thoughts on life, happiness and their fears of the approaching finale by comforting each other with remembrances of families and friends. They also try to remove thoughts of their pending doom with a scenario called the forward place, where lives end and spirits move to another life.

This is the story of the two shipmates who found hope and the courage to face the fear of the inevitable and move into their Forward Place.  


Sande Alessi Casting Call Notice ..Please read

Just passing this along via Sande Alessi Casting/Boston please read.
CASTING NOTICE: Works Weds, May 9th in Salem, MA. Photo Double: age 18 to look younger. PLEASE do not submit if you are under 18. Caucasian Male, dark wavy hair. Height 5’6 to 5’8, must be 135-145 lbs. Please submit current photo (we prefer snapshots, not headshots), size and contact info to Attn: GREG DOUBLE

More Growns Ups 2 Expected To Be Filmed In Swampscott – Swampscott, MA Patch

More Growns Ups 2 Expected To Be Filmed In Swampscott – Swampscott, MA Patch.

My Take one on this…..I am pleased to know that Columbia Pictures is working with everyone on the North Shore to get this picture done,one hand washes the other and in the end,everyone will be pleased with the outcome when Columbia wraps on the film in late August now,adding the extra time to shoot GrownUps2 starting this month. In a previous blog post today,It was mentioned that Boston is the number 1 city for Film Production,its basically the same for the rest of Massachusetts production wise. A big kudos to Columbia Pictures for bringing GrownUps2 to Mass and to include Swampscott in the frame. More work for local actors and background actors,great exposure for Swampscott and revenue for the Towns of Marblehead and Swampscott.  One hand washes the other folks.