GrownUps2 Casting Alert

Sande Alessi Casting Boston
CASTING NOTICE: Works tomorrow (Friday, May 25, 2012). SAG Stand-in. Male, Caucasian, 6’1 to 6’3 with salt and pepper or brown hair. Age 35-55. Shoots in Saugus, MA. Please email a photo and your phone number to: Attn: COACH STAND IN

Casting Alert for South Shore Casting

South Shore Casting
NON-UNION RED SOX FANS! Be in a TV Commercial with Red Sox Players at Fenway Park on Friday, May 25 from 9am to Noon – Men & Women 18+ and Boys & Girls 16+ with parent. Men & Boys must wear Suits & Women & Girls must wear Dresses. ALL must bring Red Sox attire, t-shirts, jerseys, jackets, hats & jeans!! For details email Jodi at

GROWNUPS2 Casting Alert,please read

CASTING NOTICE: Donna double who can do “the worm”. Caucasian girl age 12-15. Height 5’1 to 5’3, 135-145 lbs. Must have shoulder length light light brown hair, or dark blonde. MUST be willing to have hair colored or cut. Audition today in Marblehead. Shoots Friday, May 25th in Marblehead. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DO “THE WORM” VERY WELL!!!!!!!! Please email a photo and contact info to: Attn: Donna Worm

Marblehead ‘Grown Ups 2’ filming set to begin Today- Marblehead, MA – Marblehead Reporter


Marblehead ‘Grown Ups 2’ filming set to begin Thursday – Marblehead, MA – Marblehead Reporter.

A big high five to Marblehead Mass today…

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