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Boothbay Harbor, Maine A great location for movies made in Maine!

Maine Film Tax Credits and Location Info | is from Maine and there are some awesome locations here in Maine for major films…

Chomp your way into JawsFest 2012

This is amazing and I wish I could attend this jaw dropping event held next month. I am a true fan of Jaws and all of the marvelous images that go through my mind when they made this movie. We do have to stop and remember one of the icons who produced this mega film,Richard Zanuck who died this past week at the age of 77. Kudos to Richard Zanuck and his team that brought Jaws to the silver screen. Another Kudos to Peter Benchley who directed this thriller of a Killer shark on the beaches of Amityville. What you have here is a eating machine,who swims and eats and makes baby sharks,words from Cooper, played by Richard Dryefus. I have watched this movie over and over and over.My wife bought me the DVD collection,movie and behind the scenes images and documentary.Simply amazing stuff and loved every moment of film shot of this movie.

Ironically,its interesting to note that even Today,Cape Cod officials are dealing with a Shark issue and open and reopen the beaches on Cape Cod after shark sightings.Most recently,the Shark that followed a kayaker,scary but it turned out that it was not a great white shark after all. Nonetheless,sharks are sharks and if your swimming in the waters off Cape Cod,don’t wear scuba gear outfits or black rubber fins till further notice.

Here is the link for the JawsFest taking place on Cape Cod.

Box Office Report: ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ Stays Afloat with a $46 Million Opening – The Hollywood Reporter

Box Office Report: 'Ice Age: Continental Drift' Stays Afloat with a $46 Million Opening – The Hollywood Reporter. This has nothing to do with Al Gore’s Global warming theory….Kudos to Ice Age Continental Drift.