Sande Alessi Boston Casting Notice

Sande Alessi Casting Boston
CASTING NOTICE: Shoots Friday, August 3. MUST be avail ALL DAY INTO THE EVENING WITH NO PLANS!!! Male, age 18-24, good looking, preppy types. RATE: SAG 145/8 or NON 100/10. Please submit a color snapshot, your phone number, age and height/weight to: Attn: FRIDAY FRAT

CASTING CALL The Awesome Rocker is a feature length comedy

OPEN CASTING CALL: We are having an open casting call this Sunday the 5th between 11:30am-5pm at the Yankee Pedlar Inn located at 93 Main st, Torrington, CT 06790. Show up any time between those times.

The Awesome Rocker is a feature length comedy based on the fruitful desires of a young arrogant musician driven by the legacy of his long lost father, who was once the biggest rock star of his gene
ration. In this modern day and age, the young rocker is especially skilled at video game drumming. He is convinced that his skills from the game will make him a great musician like his father. His biggest opportunity lies in the annual Battle of the Bands. Due to late notice, he has only one short day to put together a band, rehearse, and take the stage. All must be achieved under the oppression of his strict mother, who will make sure he doesn’t leave the house under any circumstance. The naive rocker is taken on a bumpy misadventure full of strange encounters, drug abuse, and breakneck animosity, all in attempt to prove his awesomeness and righteousness to his father. Is there such thing as too much awesomeness? Find out in, THE AWESOME ROCKER.