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Sande Alessi Casting Boston
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My interview with Mathew Fisher,A true Film crusader By Craig Goedecke

I recently interviewed Hanover Mass Film maker,Director and Producer Mathew Fisher.You can call him a true Film crusader. I presented a series of questions to Mathew Fisher and I was impressed with every answer he gave me. Fisher recently completed his work on House Across the Street,that was shot on the South Shore in Massachusetts.

House Across the Street Trailer    You can check out Mathew Fisher’s IMDB page here as well

Mathew Fisher
1. When did you start making short films and what inspired you to do work in the Film industry?
I’ve always been a big fan of films as far back as I can remember, I remember going to the local VHS store and renting movies as a kid, I started making my own stuff seriously in the late 90’s I used to shoot family functions on the family camcorder it was kind of my thing and I slowly progressed into making small shorts with friends and family. I was inspired by the films around me the 80’s was a great era for filmmaking and I just watched as much as I could and soaked it all in.
2. I noticed you live on the South Shore ,Do you use area towns as the background locations,subjects for your films?
I live in Hanover right now, but I’ve lived all over the South shore (Abington, Rockland, Hanover) I consider the whole area my hometown, I do shoot a lot of stuff in the area it’s nice and I feel local’s get a kick out of seeing the area in my films, I always get people saying I know where you shot that! I’m proud of the south shore and I hope they’re proud to have me represent them in the film world.

3. Did you take courses in School or College for Film making?
Nope, If there was a film course in my high school I definitely would have indulged in that, it sounds like a lot of fun, but I never did a film school or anything like that when I first decided I wanted to make this my career I reached out to a lot of other filmmakers and asked questions, film school was a big question wether or not it was worth it, I was told take the money I would’ve of spent on film school and just make my first film so that’s what I did, I made a film called Stupa-Man in the tradition of The Toxic Avenger and Taxi Driver. I feel with the Internet being so wide spread and how just about anyone is reachable at the tip of a mouse click it is so much easier to network with other people. I’ve read a lot of books be it production, technique or biographies, those where my text books and listened to a lot of commentary tracks those are like having a sit down with the filmmaker like they would do at a college.

4 If there was one director that you admire,who is he or she?

There’s a lot of director’s I really appreciate and respect to the fullest but I’d have to say my favorite is the man Mr. Stanley Kubrick

5 What type of films do you like to produce and direct?

I love all genre’s and don’t want to limit myself to a certain type of film. There all special in their own ways, at the end of the day we’re really just trying to give people something to escape and enjoy some time out of their lives, I’ll say comedy on this one strictly because that’s what I’m working on now and I like the idea of being able to put a film in front of someone who might be having a horrible day and threw the movie they can unwind and laugh with your work. it’s a good feeling.

6. You were involved in the feature film The House Across the Street as the line producer,Did you ever imagine of writing lines for Eric Roberts? and How did Eric Roberts become involved in the project?
I’ve always been a fan of Eric Roberts from The Pope of Greenwich Village and The Coca-Cola Kid all the way to now, he’s always been great! Us Indie filmmakers live for the days when we get to work with people we grew up watching, it’s really a great feeling to be working next to them on the same level. Eric was working on another project in the area and his name came up while we where looking for someone to play the character of Office Peterson and it just clicked. He’s a great talent and really really awesome dude in general.

7. The House across the Street was made in Massachusetts, What part of Mass was it filmed in and how many days did it take to shoot and did you use a lot of local talent?

The House Across the Street was shot around the South Shore, Hanover, East Bridgewater, Easton, Whitman, Sharon, Kingston to name a few, we sure did with local talent as great as ours it’s hard not to. We had locals Michael Malvesti, Sara Murphy, Nick Apostolides, Greg Shea, Dakota Shepard and the Great Alex Rocco was originally from Massachusetts.
8 Do you have any plans for bigger films,features and are you planning to stay in Massachusetts with the growing film industry in New England.
My Next Feature film as a writer/director/producer after DJ Stan Da Man is going to be The Wicked Hollows, a horror movie based on the Hockomock swamp from the Legendary Bridgewater Triangle located in and around the Bridgewater, Raynham, Rehoboth area. It’s the first film in a trilogy I want to do based on different stories from the area, a real local legend type of film. I wrote the script for it 8 years ago and have been waiting for the perfect time to make it and now is the time, we’ve started casting the main cast and we’ll finish the rest of casting by the end of the year.

9. What does your Family think of you being in the Film industry and did you ever use your members of your family in your recent movies?

They’re supportive, more so now that it’s starting to take off lol of coarse! in the beginning your cast is mainly family, I still give small parts to some of my family and friends who have acted in my stuff since the beginning.

10. What actors or actress do you admire?

I admire all the actors and actress’s out there hustling going to auditions left and right, breaking their backs to get they’re break. It’s a crazy business it’s flooded with people, I admire the one’s out there doing they’re thing not stabbing anyone in the back just out there trying to make good for themselves, they all have my respect to the fullest, keep doing your thing and I wish them the best of luck!

11. Do you act in your own films and did you have a part in The House Across the Street?

Yeah I usually try and do the Hitchcock thing with the small appearance , it’s fun it’s good to get in there and see how the other lives so to speak and I feel it helps you to be a better director knowing what goes on in the actors shoes. I played a small part in The House Across the Street, you’ll have to check out the flick to see it though 🙂

12. If you didn’t choose film making or producing,what would be your other choice for a career?
The lost Jersey Shore member.

13 Last question, If you were given the chance to go out to Hollywood, would you go? or Stay in Mass with the ever growing film industry?

I’m heading out in April actually I got some filmmaker friends over there, I’m going to go out and relax a little before we start production on The Wicked Hollows, get a feel and network a little. I’ve been in talks to produce a short while I’m out there so we’ll see, but realistically I wouldn’t want to move out there and live, I’d rather live here and travel back and forth.