A Cohasset horror story? – Cohasset, MA – Cohasset Mariner


A Cohasset horror story? – Cohasset, MA – Cohasset Mariner.

NeHollywood.com and NeHollywoodnews.com     I came across this article from the Cohasset Mariner about a horror type film that was shot on location in Cohasset, and Cohasset,California,as indicated in the article,there is a Cohasset California…really?  Seeing that We are getting close to Halloween, this would be a cool time to dig this out from the cobwebs and see what comes out of the film,which I am interested in viewing. The movie comes out this Halloween so we shall see of how much of the real Cohasset made it into the film. The last big thriller movie was Witches of Eastwick that was shot in Cohasset back in 1987. There was some talk of a sequel to the Witches of Eastwick to be shot in Cohasset,but it didn’t happen. A Television pilot of the Witches of Eastwick did happen,but it was short lived. What ever happened,happened on that end,but it would be nice if Hollywood came back to Cohasset for another big film.great setting,locations,and the little picture type town continues to hold out the Welcome Hollywood sign!