Sande Alessi Casting Boston CASTING NOTICE

Sande Alessi Casting Boston
CASTING NOTICE: Shoots on Tuesday, October 30 on the North Shore of Mass. Men & Women, age 18-70 with SUV’s or Minivans manufactured BEFORE the year 2002. Please email a photo of you, the car, the car info: year, make, model, your age range, heigh/weight and phone number to: ATTN: NON SUV

16 Reasons You’re Stuck Doing Background Work

16 Reasons You’re Stuck Doing Background Work. and    My words here folks..Don’t shoot the messenger…I am posting this to those who believe there is nothing wrong with doing background work..Alot of Celebs started out doing background work and got noticed. It almost has that smell of If you do background work,your a redneck background actor…So what…It beats not working at all in the film industry…Gotta start somewhere! I have done background work for years and I don’t even have that Background actor smell!