TBS Orders ‘Clipsters’ Comedy Pilot from ‘Will & Grace’ Creators

TBS Orders 'Clipsters' Comedy Pilot from 'Will & Grace' Creators.

NeHollywood.com Great news..now shoot it in Boston and then you have something to talk about…Next!

How Did Boston Do at the Oscars?

How Did Boston Do at the Oscars?.

NeHollywood.com Ya know I wasn’t actually impressed by the whole show,except for the Ellen Degenres Pizza show,but overall I am a bit glad that American Hustle didn’t grab any take home Oscars..A bit overrated and blown out like the best film around..I loved Sandra Bullock and always will love her movies and glad that Gravity got to take home multiple Oscars for such a great film and 12 years…Sometimes history has a unique way of repeating itsself..like back in the 1970’s with ROOTS…the TV series..Great film,12 years and clearly deserved its gold!