Ashley Tramonte Rising Star and Anti-bullying Advocate Continues to Shine

Ashley Tramonte on Set
Ashley Tramonte on Set
Antibullying Advocate
Antibullying Advocate

By’s Craig W.Goedecke

A year ago I introduced you to Ashley Tramonte of Marshfield Mass,a bright and rising young movie star and Antibullying Advocate..Her Mom, Ann Tramonte plays two roles in her life, Mom and her manager for the non stop films Ashley has done.I recently contacted Ashley to follow up on all of her latest acting gigs and latest push for her antibullying campaign.So with that in mind,here are the questions and answers of Our follow up interview.

Question 1.. What are your plans for this Summer as far as movies,videos?

Answer.. This summer I’m working on 2 films. Currently 15MOF redemption Ive been filming. We pick up again June thru July. I play Victoria. The film also stars Tony Moran from the original Halloween who I’m excited to be working with in my scenes. The other film im playing is an action film called The Nexum Agency. I play the role of Agent Siriah. And of course , In between I will work on some of the hollywood films that come into Boston and continue my modeling for Print shoots. And 2 more Music videos I was recently cast in.

Question 2 You attended some casting calls over the past few months for a few made in Mass movies…how did that go? and if casted..what parts did you get and did you have to prepare yourself for that specific role.

Answer.. I had to prepare for my role in Nexum Agency,its a physically demanding role so just alot of stretching and cardio. Thankfully my years as a cheerleader kicked in so I didnt have to train to much for the many jumps and kicks involved.The Producer of 15 mof is Roman Vangeli. And the Nexum agency movie is Produced by Suave Richardson!

Question 3. You have had a busy schedule recently with all of your latest do you find down time for yourself?

Answer.. I have had a pretty busy schedule these last few months so when I do have a day or two to rest I like to just relax at home with my family. I have learned you need to take advantage of sleep when you can get it. Acting has some very early call times and there are nights I may not get in til 2 or 3am. But I love it, wouldn’t change it for the world.

Question 4. Regarding your URBrand campaign..How is that going and are there any more videos coming up to reach out to the community and is there one message you would like to send out to those who were victims of bullying.

Answer.. I’m still very active with being an anti-bullying advocate independently, I speak at local events as well as with The Brand UR whom I am one of 4 spokespersons! We had a big event in february I spoke at. And I was in New Hampshire a few weeks ago with Shane’s anti-bullying program at a magazine launch party. Currently we are in the middle Of filming a music video for the brand ur with myself, Meredith Prunty, Paisley Dickey and Jodi’s daughter Addison LaFountain. In fact this fall we all will be flying to LA to film our roles in Broken Bones Shattered Dreams, it’s a powerful antibullying documemtary by Jason Loveland. So I’m excited to start that project.One Message. I stress to Victims is they are not alone and if they dont have a strong support system then talk to anyone that can help whether a teacher,School nurse I have had lots of wonderful teens write to me on facebook and Twitter and I’m always there to listen and help guide them. I know what they are going through but it gets better! Until then I will Have A busy few months on my current projects.

Please watch for Ashley Tramonte in upcoming movies,videos and future Antibullying messages,She is really a rising star on both fronts in the film world and UR brand anti-bullying front.END

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Film, TV productions flocking to Massachusetts; tax credit is big draw – Los Angeles Times. Wow that’s a surprise…Ah maybe because Mass has the best locations,Seashore,Mountains,City locations,great buildings,bridges do I need to continue?

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Photo by
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