Project:  THE GROUNDSKEEPER (feature film)
Union Status:  Applying for SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement
Company:  Mtown Films
Director: Allen J. Redwing 
Producer: Jennifer Gjulameti
Executive Producer: Pradeep Aradhya
Genre: Supernatural-Horror with a strong Tech/AI theme
Location:  Boston, MA
Shooting Dates:  October 23-November 12, 2017
Audition Date:  Sunday, September 3, 2017
Mtown Films is casting their feature film, THE GROUNDSKEEPER, and seeking to cast the following roles:
TESSA:  (female, lead, 25-32, open ethnicity) A New York Times Best Selling Author of Horror novels, Tessa is having nightmares and writer’s block, grappling with a traumatic past.  Intelligent, inquisitive, beautiful, millennial with a religious streak.  Very challenging role with a broad emotional range.  Role might require implied nudity in one scene.  Actress will be working with large snakes (pythons) with our snake handler and must not have any fear of snakes.  (Name talent preferred.)
PAUL: (male, lead, 28-38, open ethnicity) Paul, Tessa’s fiancé,  is a Professor at MIT, who specializes in AI and dream manipulation.  He will enlist all of his tech research to help Tessa, taking her back to the scene of the trauma with the hope of reprogramming the past with the aid of an AI called Genesis.  (Name talent preferred.)
GENESIS: (female, supporting, 28-38) Paul created the AI Genesis to aid Tessa in her writing and to protect her.   Through “deep learning” architectures, Genesis has the ability to learn from data and moves toward increasing autonomous thought.  Beautiful voice.  Actress should be able to do more than one accent or style of speech as Genesis evolves.  This will be voice-only acting; however, actress will be required on set.  
Isabelle: (female, supporting, 25-30, open ethnicity).  Beautiful, model-like, and brilliant, Isabelle is a research assistant of Paul at MIT.  Role requires nudity and working with large snakes (pythons).  Actress must not have any fear of snakes. 
Ellen Dane (female, featured but might have some lines, 35-45, open ethnicity) Ellen is Tessa’s mother.
Father (male, featured, 35-45, open ethnicity) Tessa’s father. 
Brother (male, featured, 8-12 years old, open ethnicity):
Ivanka: the original Groundskeeper’s daughter.
Women: (female, featured, 20-35, open ethnicity): Women in a lab/test scene.  
Please send your headshot, demo reel, and résumé to  In your Subject line, please put “The Groundskeeper/the Role you are submitting for/Your Name”.  
Thank you, and please share!
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Commercial Casting Portsmouth New Hampshire…please read..

Casting a principle actress and supporting roles for a national company’s commercial introducing an innovative workplace software launching this fall. 
Seeking a female actor between 25-35 to play a young professional working at a large company. We follow our lead actress through a typical work day and watch how using the software helps her work day go smoother. Also seeking 2 male actors between 20-30, and 1 female actress between 40-55 for three supporting roles. 
One day of filming in early September with the potential of a short rehearsal prior to production. Filming at multiple locations in Portsmouth NH. Both union and non-union actors encouraged to apply. Actors must be local to the New England area, and have their transportation to location. Paid for one full day of filming, plus mileage and crafty provided.The commercial will be featured on the company’s website, distributed online, and screened at a national conference. 
Please send a resume, reel and headshot for consideration.