For actor Kevin Chapman ‘true north’ will always be Inwood Street, Dorchester | Dorchester Reporter

NeHollywood..What a great great story! Awesome..Now I can put a face to Kevin’s memorable name..Kevin makes Boston look great in Hollywood. My mom grew up by the Savin Hill area..Train many memories..My late mom was the lead waitress at Dorchester’s Howard Johnson’s restaurant many years ago.. I hope to do background work in City on a Hill…sounds like a great series.

What makes you better then anyone else Miss Barr?

Check out @NeHollywood’s Tweet:

It’s disturbing to look at how much racism has turned our world upside down..We are Americans..We have no place or time for anyone who thinks this is acceptiable, not today,not tomorrow or next year..Enough. It’s not right. Roseanne Barr needs to write an open letter to all and apologize for her words today. Your the lead comedy actor/comedian in your show on ABC and this is how you propeller your actions on racisim? So sad.