Maria Menounos struggling through ‘Dancing with the Stars’


Maria Menounos struggling through ‘Dancing with the Stars’.



Body of Proof Fans:

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

Affiliates of ABC have taken notice of the energy displayed during this campaign and have asked us to host an EXCLUSIVE promotion for the upcoming “Going Viral” episode of Body of Proof. They’ve even provided us prizes to give away.

This means that our voices are being heard, and we have a HUGE opportunity!

The details of the ABC Body of Proof “Going Viral” promotion:

In addition to the two part “Going Viral” episode (airing on 3/27), five (3 minute long) companion videos have been filmed.

These videos feature additional scenes and content only available online. The five videos are called the “Going Viral webisodes”.

Our campaign was asked to host the EXCLUSIVE promotion for these webisodes.

ABC provided three prizes for us to give away at the end of this promotion!

Here’s what we will be doing:


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Tracked Down: Kathy Griffin, Jonathan Knight, Matt Lauria


Tracked Down: Kathy Griffin, Jonathan Knight, Matt Lauria.

This is cool stuff because I lived about a half hour away from Milford New Hampshire.MadMen is seriously great and New England loves MadMen!  And despite your zany self Kathy Griffin..We love ya NEHollywood.

A big thanks to the Boston Herald Inside Track for the share!

The Skinny on Hollywood in New England

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