‘Losing Control’ a film experiment gone wrong


‘Losing Control’ a film experiment gone wrong.

Great job on your directorial debut on your film! A new and upcoming Penny Marshall!


GrownUps2 Sandler Movie to take up residence in Marblehead

From the Marblehead Patch,  click to read story…Adam Sandler’s GrownUps2 Movie shoot will take up residence in Marblehead Mass over the next four months with a few stunts by David Spade…

It’s exciting to see Adam Sandler back on Mass turf for the filming of his GrownUps2 movie and great for all of those seeking to get in on the sequel. Extra casting will be held in May in Boston at the Teachers Union Hall across from the Expo,Stay tuned!

From CleverNewsMore on GrownUps2 


We Hear: Kate Winslet, Tom Brady, Shawn Thornton and more…


We Hear: Kate Winslet, Tom Brady, Shawn Thornton and more….

Via the Inside Track at the Herald….This is great news to see all of these movies being shot in Mass….Thank you Adam Sandler,Kate Winslet and Justin Bateman…..I am sure that all of the Background extras,both union and non union are happy bout this….and Electrical Teamsters..The sad part of this is I am missing out on all of the action by living here in Maine..I can hear the local casting companies hollering out their casting calls now for these features…Nice!

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg to do 3 Mississippi

From the Hollywood Reporter online mag…That Massachusetts Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell will be making a few runs to the end zone in 3 Mississippi, A home Thanksgiving type touch football game that was never done right. Here’s the link for the story, Its too bad that this couldn’t be made in Massachusetts,C’mon Marky..you can bring this home,The Mass economy could use the work! We’ll keep ya informed if things change location wise.

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