Tracked Down: Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Tim Thomas, and more…

Tracked Down: Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Tim Thomas, and more….


NEHollywood Alert…Don’t forget to check back for Grown Ups 2 Casting Call Announcement Monday

Just wanted to give a heads up for all of you Background Extra’s out there…Big Casting Call announcement Monday April 2,for GrownUps 2 Casting call via Sande Alessi Casting Boston  Adam Sandler  and Kevin James and others will be filming this Summer in New England. If you missed on getting in on the first one,hopefully you will have a chance with this one. Nothing like being in a Adam Sandler or Kevin James Film..I was in Mall Cop and Here comes the Boom. It would be nice if a casting call was held here in Maine for Grown Ups 2….I will post the Mass Casting Call on Monday, as soon as I get it. She is on Facebook as well and be sure to like her Page.

It would be great if more production companies viewed Maine as a great State to do more films here. Hopefully the big peeps at the State House in Augusta will lure more movies here to Maine this Summer.

Boston Casting casting call for students

I wanted to pass this along to you from Boston Casting this morning. Attention Students…Looking for something to do this Summer? Good luck! Feel free to share this on your social pages!


Looking to travel the world this summer for FREE?

We’re looking for outgoing NON-UNION high school students (16-18) & college students (18-22) to be in a series of educational videos this summer

If you’re chosen, students will travel to Europe and China for free. This is UNPAID but the client will cover your travel expenses for a 5-12 day tour and film your experiences!

Shoots will take place between Mid-June and Mid-July

Locations include Paris, Nice, Rome, Spain, London and China

 Open Call

Saturday, April 7th

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Boston Casting

129 Braintree St. #107

Allston, MA 02134

For directions, visit

Please bring a photo and your friends!

Tom Hanks Filming Movie In Bay State – Video – WCVB Boston

Tom Hanks Filming Movie In Bay State – Video – WCVB Boston.

I just wanted to add this to the mix of things…Great that Worcester is being used for a location for the Tom Hanks Capt.Phillips movie..but honestly its a bit unfair that the director is tanking the thoughts of shooting in Sudbury…But that is Hollywood for ya..or as Heidi Clum would say..One day your in the next day your Out!

Tom Hanks Crew changing the local scenery in Sudbury for Capt Phillips Movie shoot


The latest news just received from a close source at Boston Central that Filming may be scrapped for that town..see link above…It appears that Tom Hanks ship may not arrive in Sudbury after all…what a disappointment! C’mon guys..just a few scenes… Psst to the Director..How about Cohasset Mass…Your going to get a nice town with historic buildings..Jack Nicholson and Cher loved it in the Witches of EastWick!  and Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn liked it in House Sitter…It would settle for your Vermont Town! Oh well…


Note- This was passed along to me by Boston Central regarding Tom Hanks crew setting up for shooting of Capt.Phillips in Sudbury Mass today…Cool Stuff I must say,NEHollywood blog writer is a big fan of Mr.Hanks and his movies…So Welcome aboard Mr.Hanks and Welcome to Sudbury Mass…Nice to see the cameras rolling in Mass again..been sort of quiet lately Production wise in Mass regarding filming…Though other films have been shooting in the past month..Love those Mass Film Tax credits at work!

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