The Art Aperitif Production House’s Web Series AP Life brings alot of local talent and production talent to the Internet

BehindthescenesAPLife1We all know that its expensive to head to your local movie house these days and your out 30 dollars when you exit the theater. Last year I become facebook friends with Jace Paul,Writer and Director from The Art Aperitif Production company, Independent Film Works that features local talent and a great production crew that produces great web series. The production house does have a great Facebook page and shows off their awesome talent and still scenes from their most recent series AP Life Season 1.

I have never experienced or even wrote about any production house in Conneticut that produced such of an involved web series such as AP Life that consist of great talent and an expansive production crew. Its clear that there will be great things coming out from the crew and talent at Independent Film Works. I give A major high five or better yet Kudos to all of the crew and talent for allowing me to blog about this great web series. Just Wow!


The Show’s Synopsis

Aubrey, Ellie, Piper, and Ocean are four very nerdy girls at the fictional Central High School in Massachusetts. Together with their friends Grayson and Cam, they square off against the queen bees, discuss physics and science fiction, and try to stay afloat in the rough waters of high school. Witty, sophisticated, and charmingly uncool, AP Life is sure to be the funniest new TV show you see this year.



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From left to right in cafe: Cam operator Jill Poisson, sound engineer Jeremy Bachand, dp Ben Heald, and at the table is Kallie Tabor, Elizabeth Percy, Ava Serene Portman and Taylor Kudalis.Cafeshootwebseries2BachandGroupcrewPhoto1


‘Seinfeld,’ Broadway star John O’Hurley awes Braintree High students – News – The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA – Quincy, MA

'Seinfeld,' Broadway star John O'Hurley awes Braintree High students – News – The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA – Quincy, MA. Loved this guy in Seinfeld!


Craigprofilepic2Craigsummer2013-1craighatglasses1So its been awhile since I last posted here at busy getting our new apartment painted and all and wanted to reach out to my loyal visitors of  Our big move took place back on September 20th to the South Shore of Massachusetts…you know…Hollywood East…right..that’s it..So I just wanted to make sure that all of you knew where I was and when will I resume my updates on Hollywood in New England…very soon..

So in short folks..I am also looking for Background work in Indie films, commercials or big feature films…I am all ears if you have something for me…Please email me at or text me at 207-629-8831  the number is my current number despite the Maine area code.  I do however screen my calls,so if you have a restricted or private number I can’t answer it…sorry just a policy I have.. So I hope everyone is well and working out there in Hollywood East..Been busy across Massachusetts and alot of great films being and been made here in Massachusetts…Its so great to be back home, I can’t wait to get in front of the camera again, been so long! Please please let me know if you have any projects coming up.

Talk to you soon!!