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Wow it has been awhile since I updated this part of NeHollywood.com. So yeah We moved back to the South Shore of Massachusetts and loving it…After three years of movie boredom in Maine,It was time to head back to Hollywood in Massachusetts..Since moving back I did two background extra parts in the reboot of Ghostbusters shot in Boston and Weymouth Mass at the Southfield movie lot. Oh yeah I’m a background extra but lately I would rather just do commercials or if offered a small part in movies. I would like to do a lifetime movie,but at this stage I’ll take anything offered. You can follow me on Twitter  @NeHollywood and my new site Cruddyapples.news and there you can follow me at @cruddyapples Another site I recently developed that consist of the latest Boston celebrity news and casting calls.

2 thoughts on “About Craig Goedecke Blog writer for NEHollywood

  1. hi Craig,
    Guess it has been a while since I followed one of your many great emails back to your site because I can see it has been redesigned. Have to tell you I don’t like this design at all. Hurts the eyes, too busy, not compatible with my 10″ netbook screen, took a lot of clicking to find how to contact you here. I literally just kept clicking on blank areas to find this screen. Can’t see any place to click on home or about us or any of the standard site things. You obviously put a ton of work in here and you get a lot of great info out to us so I am sure you welcome constructive critiques as well. You need more of the standard buttons to click on.
    That said, I am actually writing to ask a favor. Please consider the following for one of your email blasts…….

    If you would be so kind as to get the word out……
    Local film auteur and actor Joseph Conforti will locally premiere his
    full length feature film, “Out of Alignment” this week, Thursday the 20th at
    730pm at the Studio Cinema in Belmont at 396 Trapelo Rd. (617)
    484-1706 Joe is a former Marine and airline pilot and film is about an
    airline pilot and makes use of Joe’s unique access to professional
    sets and equipment and locations as well as his inside knowledge as an
    experienced pilot etc. The film has high powered professional
    performances and it has been in post for several painstaking years. I
    have a minor speaking role, more in the vein of comic relief as a fire
    and brimstone television evangelist. Joe will be there to meet and
    greet and maybe have a Q and A etc and he has other projects in
    development including some he has had meetings with the studios in
    L.A. about and at least one well known name actor has participated. He
    will accept headshots and resumes and reels there. Tix are only $5.
    and dvd’s will be available there for only $10. The theatre holds 300
    so we are hoping for a big crowd. Also if anyone on your blast list
    had a role of any substance in the film, they are comped and they get
    the dvd too.

    Thanks for considering this. vc


    1. Hi Vic….Sorry it took so long to get back to you,dealing with other matters at hand at home. I am working on getting a better template,sorry for the confusion and having trouble navigating the NeHollywood.com site. You can email me at goedeckephotography@gmail.com with any movie postings,casting calls or news. Thank you again for visiting my Nehollywood.com blog.
      Craig Goedecke


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