Tom Hanks Crew changing the local scenery in Sudbury for Capt Phillips Movie shoot


The latest news just received from a close source at Boston Central that Filming may be scrapped for that town..see link above…It appears that Tom Hanks ship may not arrive in Sudbury after all…what a disappointment! C’mon guys..just a few scenes… Psst to the Director..How about Cohasset Mass…Your going to get a nice town with historic buildings..Jack Nicholson and Cher loved it in the Witches of EastWick!  and Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn liked it in House Sitter…It would settle for your Vermont Town! Oh well…


Note- This was passed along to me by Boston Central regarding Tom Hanks crew setting up for shooting of Capt.Phillips in Sudbury Mass today…Cool Stuff I must say,NEHollywood blog writer is a big fan of Mr.Hanks and his movies…So Welcome aboard Mr.Hanks and Welcome to Sudbury Mass…Nice to see the cameras rolling in Mass again..been sort of quiet lately Production wise in Mass regarding filming…Though other films have been shooting in the past month..Love those Mass Film Tax credits at work!

Background and Rising Actors in New England..Check this Out! A great event!

If you missed our last event, make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

You do not need to be available the whole day to attend. Once you sign-up, you will be given an arrival time and should expect approximately 2 hours of individualized attention

See what one participant said about our last headshot and resume event:

“What a relief to have an event with everything in one place. Not only was it convenient, but the event was well organized. Everything ran smoothly because of how well timed each station performed their task (hair and makeup, resume and photography.) The staff was exceptional! The price phenomenal. Thank you for your professionalism.”

Sunday, April 15 at 10:00am at Hilton Boston Back Bay

This will be great for those who need headshots and complete Actor Makeover!  Wish I could do this,but I live in Maine now..but its well worth it…And if they ask where you saw the notice..tell em you saw it on NEHollywood!  Enjoy!


Body of Proof Fans:

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

Affiliates of ABC have taken notice of the energy displayed during this campaign and have asked us to host an EXCLUSIVE promotion for the upcoming “Going Viral” episode of Body of Proof. They’ve even provided us prizes to give away.

This means that our voices are being heard, and we have a HUGE opportunity!

The details of the ABC Body of Proof “Going Viral” promotion:

In addition to the two part “Going Viral” episode (airing on 3/27), five (3 minute long) companion videos have been filmed.

These videos feature additional scenes and content only available online. The five videos are called the “Going Viral webisodes”.

Our campaign was asked to host the EXCLUSIVE promotion for these webisodes.

ABC provided three prizes for us to give away at the end of this promotion!

Here’s what we will be doing:


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Tracked Down: Kathy Griffin, Jonathan Knight, Matt Lauria


Tracked Down: Kathy Griffin, Jonathan Knight, Matt Lauria.

This is cool stuff because I lived about a half hour away from Milford New Hampshire.MadMen is seriously great and New England loves MadMen!  And despite your zany self Kathy Griffin..We love ya NEHollywood.

A big thanks to the Boston Herald Inside Track for the share!

Tonight @StBaldricks will be shaving heads at @ThePublickHouse to help fund life-saving childhood cancer research. 7pm

Tonight @StBaldricks will be shaving heads at @ThePublickHouse to help fund life-saving childhood cancer research. 7pm

via Tonight @StBaldricks will be shaving heads at @ThePublickHouse to help fund life-saving childhood cancer research. 7pm.