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Hello and Welcome to NEHollywood !   I have created this Hollywood East style blog to inform you of all of the latest casting news,movies being made here in New England. I hope to give you all of the latest updates and photos of what’s happening around New England film wise.

I have been a background actor for several years and have learned all of the things you can and cannot do while on set while being a background actor. Its tough work and the hours are long. I previously did My MassExtra2.com blog when I lived in Massachusetts. I have since moved to the great State of Maine. There are alot of pluses and minuses of being a background actor. I will touch on these topics in time.

There are several great casting companies in and around New England that I recommend if your seeking this kind of work. There are also the SAG /AFTRA Unions,which to me are very expensive and sometimes can be a plus or minus if your looking to make the big bucks in Background for Movies and Television. It would be great if they the Union boards lowered the fees to become a SAG member. The pay scale for a non union member or day pay scale is 114.00 120.00 for 12 hours+ work and this to me is a bit on the low side for this economy.

Anyways,getting back to the Casting agencies in Mass are Boston Casting and Carolyn Pickman Casting and on the South Shore there is South Shore Casting and Boston Casting and CPCasting is great if you can get the work,but you have to be sure to make yourself available for the time you are hired for..as an example..If they want you for 12 hours or more then you have to obligate yourself to that time,because they cannot change your specific looks for someone else for a particular scene the director is shooting,because the scene won’t match the previous scene shot earlier that day. Its called dedication by the background actor and to be there when you are called.  I have done several films,background wise,such as Hanky Panky with Gene Wildler,Gilda Radner, in the early 1980’s and Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore at Fenway Park,that was a long cold night at that location. I have also done background in Mall Cop with Kevin James and Here Comes the Boom,shot in Quincy and other locations. I also did some background in Legless and Scrooge in the Hood  directed by Richard Chandler of Boston Film Family. Regarding the sign up for work..You would go to BostonCasting and sign up..for their database list..it cost nothing to do this,though they send you frequent emails to ask you to sign up for their pro base listings and it gets you to be seen more by directors and casting agents..If your on a tight budget..go with the non cost membership. They still call you,honestly they do if you fit the need or they need a big crowd of shoppers,or travelers at Logan airport.  At CP Casting…sign up for their casting calls as well as Boston Casting,they will subscribe you to the casting calls.It’s easy to do.  Other places to check for casting news is BeanTown.com and HollywoodEastTv.com. They are on facebook and twitter,actually most of the agencies listed here are on facebook and Twitter. The other big casting company for Boston and the South Shore is SouthShoreCasting.com headed up by Jodi Purdy,she is great and I worked with her on Here Comes the Boom with Kevin James. You can get on her email list and she holds alot of casting calls for big time films and shorts,commercials and she holds casting workshops and all..great great agency!

I will post again soon with more casting information and the latest updates on the ever changing  New England Hollywood news


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Welcome To NeHollywood! The skinny about what is happening with all the movie buzz in New England,the latest casting calls,Boston Celeb news and alike! Send me your casting notices, Celeb sightings,Pics of Celebrities and I'll be glad to post em here on NeHollywood.com. I do verify all images and casting notices just to make sure its legit. I have reached over 37,000 views,so thank you for your time at NeHollywood.com! Special Thanks for Boston Harbor Photo by Photography By @R2_SNEWeather

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