Being Flynn A story that came out of Scituate Mass

I was surprised to know that this story grew out of Scituate Mass, just a few towns over from where I lived for a good part of my life,Hull..and I too,a big fan of Robert  De Niro starred in this movie…I have seen some reviews of this movie and a few were not great,but actually what I saw…I am interested to know it was shot in New York and not on the South Shore where it should have been or Boston. Overall its great to know that the story came out of New England and once again another good movie is made with New England in mind. Nick Flynn (Paul Dano)A Boston Cabbie,Reaches out to his Dad,Nick’s father Jonathan ,who has a life of lying and being a low life sort of,has some type of coming together with his son Nick. Hmmm..sounds identical to some times of my life. I don’t do reviews of movies,but it caught my eye that it was centered around Boston and to me that is pretty good. Anyways Here is the Trailer…


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