The Love Guide or is it Sunny Side Up? Filmed in Hingham,Scituate and Cohasset Mass in 2010

Doing a little reading on the net and found this indie that was shot on the South Shore such as Scituate,Hingham and Cohasset with Parker Posey,watched the trailer,was not overly impressed but I was glad to see the locations of my home town of Hingham Mass. I was shooting for a weekly paper at the time and got a shot of Parker standing out in front of the Scituate general store. My point being is that the South Shore offers the best of both worlds…quaint little towns,Burl Ives scenery ie at the Cohasset Town Commons and the Cohasset Harbor and in Scituate and Hingham the Wier River Farm where alot of the scenes were shot. Location scouts need to look more to the South Shore area’s. A few big films were shot in Scituate and Cohasset..Witches of Eastwick ,Jack Nicholson,Cher Bono and House Sitter with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. Its nice that films are shot in Boston and the north shore,but lets not forget about the South Shore folks!

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