First in the series interviews of 2 families with a lot of great talent. First is 17 year old Ashley Tramonte

This is my first in the series of interviews with 2 families that have a lot of great talent. My first interview is with 17 year old Ashley Tramonte of Marshfield,Mass. She is currently working on Cheerleaders Vs. Redneck Zombies. Her most recent credits are GrownUps2 with Adam Sandler , The Way Way Back movie with Steve Carell, The Rude the Mad and the Funny and Baskmask.  Clearly a young actress with a great start to her acting career. Via email from my Maine home,I asked Ashley a series of questions about her dreams of being an actress.

Cheerleaders Vs.Redneck Zombies Trailer,click here

Actress Ashley Tramonte

1. When did you get the acting bug and what was your very first role in Movies?

I first got the acting bug when I was about 11 years old and from there I kept following my dream, My first role was a featured extra in ‘Sexting In Suburbia’ as a cheerleader.

2. You currently attend Marshfield High School,are you currently enrolled in any theater productions at school?
I am not enrolled in any of the theater courses but I do go to the shows and support the schools actors.

3. Who inspires you with your acting and what actress or actor would you like to have a scene with?
My family is what inspires me when I see how happy they get for me I can’t help but smile. As every girl you ask that question I am sure she will answer it with…. CHANNING TATUM!
4. What is type of movies do you like and what type of movies do you like to have roles in?
I really like comedies and dramas but my all time favorite would be romance. I have had roles in a few genres but I would like to say my favorite genre to work in is drama.
5.You recently had a role in Steve Carell’s movie Way Way Back Movie, Did you ever work with him before and did you get to ask Steve Carell any questions about acting?
I never worked with him before but he has a General Store here in my town and I go there here and there and on set I had time to talk to him about Marshfield and how much he enjoys it here. Actually funny tidbit, we were driving (me and my mom) and I saw a guy that looked familiar but I just couldn’t figure out who it was then when the light turned green we drove past him and I was like “steve…?” then he drove past us further up and he was staring into the car smiling at me. It was a couple days after working on the way way back.
6.In the movie Backmask,what role did you have in the movie?
I played a rave party teen.
7. Where would you like to be in 5 years from now? Are you planning on entering college and continue your acting?
I would like to be out in California acting and having a degree in cosmetology that is what I am going to college for. 
8. What did your Mom say to when you showed an interest in acting? What were her concerns?
From the beginning my mom was very supportive she took me on auditions and stood by me every step of the way.
9.You had a featured extra role in The Rude the Mad and the Funny,what was that role and how did you get casted for it?
I was a contest judge and I met the director David Garfield at an event here in Marshfield and he gave me the role.
10. Would you rather do roles in movies or television?
Personally, I like both but Television is more fun because you go to school and everybody says that they saw you on TV. Sexting in Suburbia came out Jan. 14 2012 and people are still watching it and telling me they saw me. Its a adrenaline rush.
11. What characters do you like to play?
I like to play any character I like to explore different personalities.
12  When your not acting,what else do you enjoy doing?
Spending time with my family, because as Italians we are very family oriented and are always together.
13.  Who is your favorite Director?
I would have to say my favorite Director is John Stimpson he makes the most touching and moving lifetime movies I have ever seen and they all have a meaning I love working with him I filmed two movies with him and hope to have more in the future.
You can find Ashley Tramonte’s impressive  IMDB site here  
Great news for Ashley , recently became Screen Actors Guild eligible.
Upcoming Public appearances for Ashley
Ashley Tramonte will be at Six Flags for a big meet and greet along with the other cast members of Cheerleaders Vs.Redneck Zombies,  Ashley will also be at Haunted Acres in New Hampshire and Field of Screams in Rhode Island.

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