A Three Generation Family of Screen Actors Guild Members who love their craft. My interview with Suzanne Prunty

This is the first interview with a three generation family of Screen Actors Guild members who love their craft. My interview with Mom, Actress and Producer Suzanne Prunty. Via email,Suzanne Prunty answered several questions via email from my home in Maine.  Here’s her story.

By NeHollywood.com Craig W.Goedecke

Suzanne Prunty,

1. What or who put the acting spark in you and how long have you been acting? My mom, Donna Glee Reim, was the pioneer in our family. She would come home with great stories and when she suggested my daughter try some acting, I thought it was a great idea and ended up sort of falling into it. Meredith did some theater and took classes at Boston Casting and loved it so much she begged me to let her pursue her dream. Because of this, I spent a lot of time on the production sets of independent films and student films. Invariably I would be asked to be “background” to support the project. I was asked to be a “Teacher” on Sexting in Suburbia for example. One day, my mother was cast in a bar scene in “Missing William” and she asked me to come along.  I ended up on the set too in the same scene. That was a fun day and I realized that being on the sets was a great way to spend time with both Mom and  Meredith since there is a lot of “holding” or “down” time between takes. I also learned to love the vibrant New England actors. They are so interesting and such a wonderful group of talented people.

2. You were 3 hats here in the Prunty Household, Driver for Meredith , Producer of many SAG productions,Where do you find the time? When you love what you are doing, time is not an issue. I enjoy Meredith and Mom when I drive them to auditions and sets. When Meredith is on a set, I am chaperoning as she is a minor. Last summer was a really busy because she got picked out for feature roles in all four of the sets she was on which is very exciting. There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing her flushed with excitement from being picked out from the crowd for a role. She was fortunate to have spent a lot of her summer on films. Mom usually drives herself to the sets but if I am on the same set (which happens a lot)- we have such fun! Billy Dowd actually cast all of us (Mom Meredith and I) on the same day for “The Way, Way Back”. Talk about a hoot! When I have my “Producer hat” on, it is easy to create the schedule that works for me – usually the weekends.
3. What roles do you like and does your Mom give you advice on acting? I love just being on any set.  I enjoy the people, networking and the food is always so delicious – kudos to Adam Sandler for the amazing food and healthy alternatives. Being cast as a “High Society” type is my favorite because of the beautiful outfits. When I was on “Body of Proof” I had the most gorgeous green dress – I loved it so much I asked Margaret, the wardrobe lady if I could buy it. Unfortunately, it was not allowed but it was  fun wearing it. Mom gave both Meredith and I solid advise . “Your reputation is everything in this business so always be professional, show up a little early, have a good attitude and NEVER back out of a commitment”. We live by those rules. The casting agents have to trust you to be dependable. Also – a good attitude on the set is infectious so spread some fun and laughter around.
4. Your currently producing Cheerleaders vs Redneck Zombies, what gave you the idea for this movie? Zombies are so much fun and everyone is really into them so when my Co-Producer Jason Bachand came to me with the idea, I jumped at it. This is my second SAG production so I am continuing to evolve as a producer. I never went to film school so by doing my own productions, I harness some of the great talent around New England for both Cast and Crew and we learn together. Both of my productions have been under a SAG agreement so it also creates opportunities for the SAG actors to have speaking roles. There are a tremendous amount of SAG actors in the area that don’t always get the opportunity for speaking roles in the big productions that role into town so they usually are eager to be a part of a SAG sanctioned production.
5.When did you first get your SAG card? I had a banner year in 2012 and received all 3 Taft Hartley’s and joined SAG Summer 2012.

6. You worked on Body of Proof, Did you get to work along with Dana Delaney? And what was your role along with your Mom? Body of Proof was the only production that I went solo on. Neither Mom or Meredith were involved although they both submitted. I played a “society type” on 2 episodes and yes, I got to work along side Ms. Delany. She is  “Stunningly Beautiful”  in person and a consummate professional. All the  members of the cast were very friendly. One of the best sets ever to work on. Wish they were still filming in Rhode Island but they ended up moving back to Los Angeles after season 1.

7. Other then acting and producing SAG productions, What is your favorite past time, Cooking,Gardening ,Traveling? I am a bit of a homebody and really enjoy my family time when I am not working. We have a great garden in the back and during the summer I spend a lot of time harvesting produce and then cooking it up. I enjoy long walks and eating healthy.
8. What type of movies do you like to watch, other then the ones your in? I really enjoy all types of movies as well as it is a quality production and love it when I find a “gem” – you know, a movie that doesn’t have a millions of dollars behind it but is quality from start to end. “Bottle Shock” is a great example of a movie that sort of slipped under the radar, but was so interesting and well done that it is worth several viewings.

9.What actor or actress do you admire? . I actually admire most of the actors I have worked with. They make it look easy but it really takes a lot of talent and dedication to deliver results. I will say, however, Kate Winslet is amazing. When I was on the set of “Labor Day” she was such a professional. She stayed in character the entire time and was willing to do as many times as was required to get the perfect footage. It was very hot the day we filmed and she never complained or asked for unnecessary breaks.

10. What types of movies do you like being casted in if you had a choice? I am a bit partial to to the productions that are smaller because  there is more camera time. Sometimes on the huge sets, you are lost in the shuffle. For example. both Mom and I were “upscale shoppers” on “In your Eyes” with just a few other Background Actors and we ended up in a critical scene.

11. How long does the acting go back in the Prunty Family? Mom started it – if we have actors before that – I am not aware of it. So for now – it is just the three generations.

12.  Do you like watching reality TV? I like Dancing with the Stars.  I love Tom Bergeron and his jokes and the dancers are so amazing. I have been working with my high school friend Olympic Diver Greg Louganis to try and get him on the show for the past 4 years. We created a Facebook group and have been campaigning for him.  Greg would be phenomenal so keeping my fingers crossed. In addition to DWTS, I am going to be watching an episode of “MTV Made”  as Meredith ended up being a guest on one of the shows. She was a guest celebrity at The East Coast National Beauty Pageant and there was a young lady who wanted to be made into a contestant and since her platform was domestic violence – she ended up speaking to Meredith about Meredith’s anti-bullying efforts. I am not sure when it is going to air but I am keeping my eye out for it.

13. What do you think about the growing film industry in Massachusetts? The growing industry is great for our economy. I am fully supportive of the movement and the tax breaks Massachusetts offer.  I feel that as a producer, I can help develop talent by creating opportunities for a lot of local actors to gain experience. Los Angeles has a huge pool of actors to draw upon, if we are going to meet the needs of the movies that come to town we need to  continue to grow our talent and resources.

Suzanne Prunty’s IMDB site,click here



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