My interview with Massachusetts Actress and Producer Stacie L.Seidl. She’s still chasing the dream!

Recently I interviewed Massachusetts Actress and  Film Producer Stacie L. Seidl via email from My Maine home. I asked Stacie a series of questions about how she got into acting and from her answers she gave me, She hasn’t looked back since stepping in front and behind the camera. You can visit Stacie’s new web site at   This is one of Stacie’s acting trailers.

Actress and Producer Stacie L.Seidl

1. When did you get the bug to act?

I caught the acting bug first when I was a child after being given the lead in a church play. I fell in love with the entire process… the rehearsals, the lights, the crowd… I was hooked! As I grew up, life kind of distracted me and it wasn’t until I was about 23 that I got serious about it. A friend of mine had started a production company and through hanging out with him I found myself getting excited about the projects the company was working on. I just knew I had to give it a chance and see where it led me. Here I am almost 10 years later and I’m still chasing the dream!

2. You talk about your Mom in your mini biography,what role did she play in as in support,guidance?
I think in the beginning of my career both my parents thought it was a phase I was going through. As the years went on and I started doing more films and commercials, they saw the fruits of my labor and took me more seriously. Through it all they have shown me nothing but support in everything that I do.

3.What did you first think to yourself when you saw Stacie Seidel in the movies?
The very first time I saw my name on the big screen it gave me butterflies, causing a very real physical reaction. It was like everything that I had worked for had come to fruition. After that first premiere, reality set it… this is what I wanted to do with my life. No matter how difficult the road in front of me I was determined to continue and see it through to the end.

4 Your a producer of independent films, What type of films do you like to produce?
I would have to say that I like producing shorts the best. It takes a lot of concentrated effort, but the payoff at the end comes much quicker. I wouldn’t say I’m the type of person who needs instant gratification, but I’m also not the most patient person either. With a short everything comes together much quicker (ideally) and I can get the product out to the public with less turnaround time.

5. If you had a choice between acting or producing,what would you choose and why?

I would absolutely choose acting over anything. It is my passion, and makes me come alive inside. Without acting I feel so lost, and I could never give it up. Maybe someday that will change, but I doubt it. Nothing I’ve ever experienced in this life comes close to making me feel the way being on set in character does. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

6. Going back to your mini biography on your IMDB site, You had your first role in a Christmas production at your church,what was that role and how old were you when you got that role?

I was about 9 or 10 when I landed the role of the Mom in our church Christmas play. I remember thinking how awesome it was because there were other girls older than me who could have been given the part. My family came to show support and I just felt so special. I will never forget standing on stage taking our bows and the loud applause from the crowd.

7  You have had several roles in cable TV shows,commercials and webseries, Out of all of these jobs,what did you enjoy the most doing?

I would have to say that I enjoy film roles the most. There is so much preparation that goes in to a film. You really have to become the character. Where as with commercials you don’t always have many lines or a meaty character to get in to. At the end of the day though, I love it all. Being in front of the camera is an amazing feeling.

8. What role did you have in Consequences of Our Choices? and how did you get involved with that project?

In Consequences of our Choices, I played the role of Amy Gabriel. She is the only female member of a group of friends who have known each other since childhood. She plays a sort of motherly role to the men and keeps them in line, as well as being the strength of the group that holds their bond together. I answered a call put out by the production company DnD Filmmaking and was given the role. This was my first feature and I had a blast filming with this cast and crew!

9, The film Your Girl is Mine, Where did the story come from and what role did you have in that project?

9: Your girl is mine: The beginning was written by Jacqueline Hicks. Originally my scene was shot as part of a web series to promote the film. I played the role of an antagonistic neighbor of the lead characters parents in a flashback.

10. The Beginning,another film, What was your part in that project and have you heard where it stands after being submitted to the Roxbury International Film Festival?

After condensing the web series and film to be one continuous story, Your Girl Is Mine: The Beginning was screened at the 2012 Roxbury International Film Festival. Last I heard a distribution deal was being sought

11. If you were given the chance to go to Hollywood,would you take the chance and go out to California to act and produce?

I would go to Hollywood in a heartbeat! I’ve attempted a move to LA twice now. I learned so much about myself and the industry while I was there. I def hope to go back some day soon.

12. What are your thoughts on Massachusetts being the new Hollywood East?

I have been making my way in the MA film industry for almost 10 years now and it has come such a long way! I’m excited about all the new opportunities coming our way here in Hollywood East. I think the actors here can offer a breath of fresh air to the industry, and I’m proud to be a part of it from the ground level.

13. When watching the movies at home,what are your favorite movies to watch and do you have a favorite movie snack?

Some of my favorite movies to watch are classic chick flicks, Dirty Dancing, Sex and the City, The Notebook. My favorite snacks are anything with chocolate in it!

14. Who is your favorite actor or actress?

I always say I have 2 favorite actresses because I just can’t choose one over the other. Meryl Streep and Jessica Lange are both such phenomenal character actors. I love Meryl Streep for the way it seems she literally becomes her characters. I love Jessica Lange because she plays her brand so well. I’m in awe of her intensity and commitment to the moment.

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