About those film trucks @ Glover – it’s “The Judge” filming | MyTownMatters

About those film trucks @ Glover – it’s “The Judge” filming | MyTownMatters.

NeHollywood.com I was checking around with the local online newspapers in Mass that featured any story on The Judge,shooting in Mass,starring Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, and Robert Downey Jr and the above article was the only thing I could find with the most recent sighting for the filming for The Judge. Sort of low key..but secrecy runs rampant with a big film such as The Judge. Meanwhile,Denzel Washington continues to shoot The Equalizer around Boston.


Don’t forget a couple big films that have or will hit the theaters this week, The Heat,which is coming in second highest film revenue for Theaters,starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy,this was shot last year in Boston and The Way Way Back film,which hits theaters July 5th. This film was shot on the South Shore last year,in Marshfield,Wareham and Duxbury. The movie stars Steve Carell and Toni Colette. Carell is a native of Marshfield and his family owns The Marshfield General Store in Marshfield Hills.

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