Boston’s Teamsters Local 25….Really? Your tactics leave a bad impression all over

craigrigleyoncouch1Ok Boston Teamsters Local 25….The media has covered your bullshit and I will take the time to give you a few words…You jetted your rude and improper insults off to the Bravo Production members for Top Chef recently in Milton Mass..Was it proper? No…Does it make a great impression on others…No…Thankfully Bravo will be back to do more productions in Boston..I hope to God that they look elsewhere again for transportation and other needs because you guys just reek of rudeness all over…Who in the hell do you think you are anyways..Who cares if you think you have clout over any production company that comes to Boston to shoot a film or commercial…I’m surprised your getting away with these moves…Bottom line here guys..your giving yourself a bad name and reputation for being just nasty…Yeah that’s something to be proud huh?

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