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Background Extra Work on the movie “Live by Night”
C.P. Casting is seeking people interested in working as 
in the feature film “Live By Night”
Live By Night is a period dramatic film with adult content directed by and starring Ben Affleck.

The story takes place in Boston in 1927. Great attention will be paid to depict the historical authenticity of this time.  Background extras chosen will look as though they could fit into the setting of this film.  All Extras will need to be fitted for period costumes.
The Massachusetts portion of the shoot is scheduled for November 12 to 25 in Lawrence,
North Andover, and the Boston area.  We are looking for people interested in working for
1, 2, or 3 days during that time.

Looking for (but not only looking for):
Big Italian types
Irish henchmen types
Women factory worker types
Orphan children types (6-12 yrs old)
Men & women who can fit into small size period costumes
Men who are clean shaven
Horseback riders
Violin, viola, cello players
Cigarette smokers

Appropriate? Interested? Available? 
Submit your information, including recent photos of yourself, at the website below.
Be sure you have your RECENT PHOTOS ready to UPLOAD before filling out the form!
COMPLETE, DETAILED submissions are much preferred to FAST submissions.

This is the best way to submit your information to be considered for extra work.
If you absolutely can not fill out the online form; You may mail your info. and recent photo to:

C.P. Casting, Inc.
537 Tremont St.
Boston, MA  02116

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