SouthField lands second movie deal

WEYMOUTH – Lights. Camera. Action. Again. A second major motion picture is slated to begin filming at the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station, which is currently being rebuilt as SouthField, the redevelopment project’s master developer said Tuesday. LStar Management Managing Partner Kyle Corkum said a Hollywood studio recently signed an agreement to lease an aircraft hangar converted into a sound stage and the former runway to shoot part of the film. Corkum said he’s bound

Source: SouthField lands second movie deal Seeing that Mark Wahlberg CBS productions is in town prepping for Patriots Day,that would be one possibility and another possibility is Stronger,yet another post Boston Marathon bombing movie..Honestly what the hell is the secret about who will be utilizing South Field this Spring..Inquiring minds will seek the answers and just not yours truly. Let Us share with the rest of the class folks..There are more then enough eagle eye hawks out there to spill the beans,just saying. Sure Southfield is a grand place and space to shoot movies there with the classic bomber jacket style setting as well as the hangars for the green screens.Ghostbusters reboot made grand use of Southfield last year,which by the way the trailer for Ghostbusters Reboot comes out on Wednesday and set to be in theaters on July 16th of this year. Hopefully I will have made it to the big screen in my NYC pedestrian background part and my Boss Tweed Ghost part. I have not heard any news yet on which casting company is doing the cattle call for Background for any of the Marathon movies or what ever is being shot at Southfield in South Weymouth.

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