Allow the Ghostbusters to serenade you with a folk version of the theme song

In an attempt to counter the sexist backlash against the Ghostbusters reboot, the cast of the new movie made a “folk lady version” of the Ghostbusters theme song, one that director Paul Feig said would “really enrage men.“ On Friday’s The Graham Norton Show, where the cast and director Paul Feig were guests, Feig coaxed […]

Source: Allow the Ghostbusters to serenade you with a folk version of the theme song Funny! I worked on this film last Summer as a NYC pedestrian and as a ghost named Boss Tweed,who was a crooked politican of NYC and with all hopes and dreans, I hope I make it to the big screen next month on July 16th when the film comes to the theaters. My wife and I will go first to see if I made it and If so,then I will alert my family that I have made it to the silver screen, Finally,despite all of my past background work. I want to thank Director Paul Feig for giving me this chance to be a part of his masterpiece and a big thank you to Casting Director Billy Dowd for casting me in this film, I will be grateful to you as well. However I will not forget the 7 hours we all were held in the holding room where someone in the Production assistant side forgot about Us sweating through our wardrobe and makeup and lack of fans and cold water. Was it a oversight,yeah possibly,Should someone in charge come to us and send us home after all of that,yes possibly, Is it all part of being in the movies, yes possibly,what are ya going to do, Nothing,Its Hollywood folks!

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