Craigsnewphotosunglasses1Me and the other million or so Massachusetts made movie folks…such as talented actors and actresses and crew members and of course backgrouind actors and yes Union folks who are all part of the growing movie industry here in Massachusetts are not pleased…Well lets take a look at why..This is a copy and paste of the article in Today’s Boston Globe of Governor Charlie Baker’s hit list which of course includes the Mass Film Tax Credit…Why. Is My 1 zillion dollar question…Why??

End the film tax credit

The significant tax breaks given to films, commercials, and TV shows shot in Massachusetts would be no more under Baker’s proposed plan. Currently, the tax credit pays 25 percent of wages and expenses, and the productions do not pay sales tax, according to The Boston Globe .

The plan has been lauded by film executives in California, as The Los Angeles Times documented last year. Films like Ted, American Hustle, and Grown Ups 2 have been filmed in the state in recent years, and the tax break was a key draw.

However, only about one-third of the 2,000 jobs created by the tax credit went to local residents, and the majority of money generated was spent out of state, according to a state Department of Revenue report.

“I think it’s hard to conclude from the reports that I’ve read that [the film tax credit] is the most fundamental piece of why someone chooses to make a film here,” Baker told The Globe.

NeHollywood.com  This is wrong…plain and simple…Movies have been made in Massachusetts for decades and Hollywood has made it a right to come knocking on what has become a land of superior backdrops for scores of Major motion pictures,TV commercials and TV series..Its clear Governor Baker does not watch any Made in Massachusetts movies or TV shows…In fact He is using his big snow shovel used in the recent big blizzards to shovel an exit path for Hollywood to leave Massachusetts once and for all because he is cutting out Hollywood out of his State budget…The opposition to his plan is already growing leaps and bounds and if you were to make a movie of Governor Baker hacking the Mass Film Tax Credit..He would be the main character of this horror show. There are many voices to be heard from those who hands down reject any such move to end the Mass Film Tax credit.. ‘

What can be acomplished here folks…To stand up and voice our reasoning and apposition to this move by Governor Baker.. In the 11th hour We need to get Our point across to Governor Baker that he cannot just wake up some morning and take his beloved hatchet out and cut the tax credit out…It hurt California..It hurt other states where movie crews have taken a different exit off the highway to other towns and cities to make their big budget films.. Millions of tax dollars pour into the State of Massachusetts every year..hotel rentals,.restaurants..rental cars…Those who are hired as background actors…Union and Non Union actors and actresses benefit from these big budget films..Governor Baker You won’t win this battle,..Your trying to end a ritual of Massachusetts..To make great movies and to showcase your State..Why would you want to ruin this for Us….Hollywood may on the other hand may look the other way to your tax credit demise and make movies here no matter what you do..It didn’t work in the Patrick Administration..why do you think it will for you..The New England Movie industry is tougher then a can of B&B Baked beans. I’m sure that there are many of you out there who will agree with me that this can’t happen..I’m not a Union person..never had the money to join anyways..but I’m sure the Union film members of Boston are already planning a protest of some sorts to quell this gesture of cutting the film tax credit.  Protest or no protest I will be there to support those who want to right a wrong.  Its the right thing to do.

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