Good riddance to the Mass. film tax credit – Opinion – The Boston Globe

Good riddance to the Mass. film tax credit – Opinion – The Boston Globe.

Craigsnewphotosunglasses1My response to this Boston Globe Opinion piece….         Really?   . I am just wondering of how many times We have gone through this BS… I want to be that pesty fly on Governor Baker’s office wall when he realizes that he screwed up huge when there will be no more revenue coming in from the big budget movies that roll into Massachusetts..I mean come on folks.

Denzel Washington loved Quincy
Denzel Washington loved Quincy

..Why Governor Baker…Why are you doing this…Yes You have that big budget shortfall and you have your big scissors out looking for things to cut out like a little kid cutting out the comics out of the Boston Sunday Globe on what to keep or cut back on and you choose the Mass Film Tax credit…My final word on this is…WHY?..   HA! Kids can be so foolish sometimes.

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